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“The solution to solving a complex problem is to break it into a number of smaller and more easily solvable parts.”

Is the World Becoming More Complex?

Is your business reaching potential customers through all possible channels and devices?

Communication is becoming integrated and personalized Consumers increasingly divide their attention across devices.

In the future you will need to develop dynamic integrated communication strategies that deliver relevant and personalized messages in real time to consumers based on the analysis of their behavior.

The rapidly growing online population represents a great opportunity for profit, but the complexity around us is increasing exponentially as more aspects of life are becoming digitally connected. Even the largest and most resourceful of organizations are struggling to keep up. People are saying the world is getting more complex.

The world was ALWAYS this complex.

Despite the hype nothing much has changed under the sun. Look at the big picture and you will find that every part of your business ALWAYS contributed to your bottom line. So what Changed?

COMMUNICATION and INFORMATION has changed. New technologies have helped us realize the complexity that was always around us, and for the first time you have an opportunity to simplify what you previously didn’t even realize was complex.

Traceability and advanced technologies for faster and smarter data analysis is resulting in eye-opening optimization opportunities and produces new types of actionable information that you never before had at your disposal. You can now analyze which touch points work and which don’t - in real time, and this is just the start.

The possibility for instant sharing of and collaboration around increasingly actionable information allows you to find better and more effective ways of acquiring and serving your customers. This has resulted in heightened expectations, which causes some companies to struggle.

Nodes - Breaking a Complex Situation into Manageable Parts

Marketing Mesh is about creating simplicity out of complexity. Breaking down complex situations into flexible and manageable parts.

The structure of the Marketing Mesh is individual to each business. The development of the mesh is something that you should do according to the schedule and needs of your own business.

The modular design allows you to easily identify and work separately on any single node or group of nodes that make up your marketing and business infrastructure when and how it fits your needs.

While working on nodes separately you will be able to identify synergies and improvement opportunities that you can achieve simply by connecting the nodes in your Marketing Mesh.

Don’t panic. Don’t Delay

If your business is making money you are not extinct yet, however make sure to make the necessary moves in the right direction now to avoid becoming the next dinosaur. You can’t stop evolution, so you do need to make sure you develop in line with the rising expectations and stay relevant.

“Your company has to be on Snapchat” isn’t necessarily true. Every company is different. Making the right moves and knowing where you are going is more important than making moves.

Getting started with Marketing Mesh is easy

We have built Marketing Mesh to simplify and help you stay in control. It can sound like a daunting task to get it all set up. It’s not.

Marketing Mesh has been created in such a way that you can start with any part of your marketing strategy at any time….for example the next task you are about to start.

Start up with simple campaigns or functions. You can connect all the pieces and start creating more sophisticated campaigns as you get to know the system better. It won’t take long.

And all along the way you will be aggregating invaluable data which can be used to improve your campaigns.

Sounds like a tool that could benefit your business?

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